This project aims to provide a free tool to summarize any text, specifically web pages.
Project Description:
Given a webpage, Summarizer tries to summarize the content such that all useful information is extracted in a small paragraph. This is something like what Google News uses to capture news summaries from sites. But this is not restricted to news sites.

A working demo will soon be available for download. This project is yet in a proof-of-concept stage(pre-Beta). Keep an eye on the download area for a beta/pre-beta release.

Latest News: As of 5 Oct 2006, a demo is hosted on This is a step ahead of just summarization of web pages. This demo takes a keyword and generates a summary for that keyword, as it is popularly known on the web. See example summaries for Black Hole and Google Doc Verse aquisition story (The ads are just to check the quality of summary!) This is far from being useful, and is being worked upon. No download is available yet.

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